Utopia Spa in Social VR

My first foray into 3D animation and Virtual Reality through Mozilla Hubs: more info here.

During the height of the COVID lockdown, I found a box in my mother’s house. It was a strange collection of beautiful objects – luminescent feathers, a perfectly preserved butterfly and a glistening rainbow beetle…

“New Earth” examines both the pitfalls of utopian thinking but also acknowledges the ambiguous but persistent lure of utopia, and its capacity for seduction.

A collaborative project by Erica Molesworth, Anne Albagli, and Johanna Hoffman for Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in June 2018.

2:54min excerpt. High-definition video. Silicon Landscapes examines the architecture and landscaping in Silicon Valley, California and how these spaces reveal ideologies of labor, technology, Cold War history, and visions of the future.

Installation views of Silicon Landscapes at the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

3-channel, high-definition video, photographic backdrop supports, projection screens.

The text asks us to consider the close relationship between moving through space and vision technologies

Documentation of a live video conference between one Eucalyptus in the Oakland hills and another in Sydney, Australia.

a collection of works concerning landscape: both human framing of and projection onto it, and the way human movement through space reveals the interconnectedness of objects and ideas in the landscape.

This 2-channel video piece reflects on the fact that our relationship with and representation of the world is always a negotiation.

The artist attempts to communicate across the Pacific with International Marine Code Signals.

Just Passing Through... reflects on gold mining practices in order to explore different notions of value.

Uses the concept of water divining to explore our varying relationships with landscapes and our sense of location within them.